What I do…

I provide support for people who are bereaved and experiencing the physical and psychological manifestations of grief.

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On a personal note, I have found it quiet a challenge to create the content for this website. We are all affected by grief in so many different ways and to explain all the different approaches we use in Bereavement Support would be a long and complicated task.

You cannot learn to swim by reading a book about swimming. You cannot learn how to understand and navigate your bereavement unless you are grieving. (I made that up but I hope it helps explain)

There is a closed section of this website for my clients and the parts you can access are here to give insights and some resources for you to take away and use.

I have to give thanks to a huge range of people whose material I have referenced and it will always be attributed to the author.

How do I do what I do

I meet with clients either face to face at my office, your home or we can talk by telephone and the internet.

Utilising established psychotheraputic approaches and new understandings into how we deal with grief I adapt our time together to help meet your presenting needs at a pace that is comfortable and approriate.

It has been proven that people who seek out and receive bereavement support reduce the risk of complicating their grief which can remain present for many years if left unadressed.

For the last fourteen years I’ve used my skills to promote wellbeing, prevent injury and help my clients decompress from life’s daily routine.

I am now incorporating my experience as a natural therapist to help address some of the symtoms that grief presents. These can range from generalised anxiety, addiction, phobias and insomnia.

Grief really does manifest in so many different ways and my approach to supporting you always starts with listening and understanding.

Talking and listening are the cornerstones for bereavement support. This may also include some exercises like “eyes open” or “eyes closed” hypnotherapy, creative writing or metaphorical drawing.

Massage is perfect for addressing the physical tension we hold in our bodies allowing us to fight fatigue, acheive a deeper relaxed state and simply unwind.

Hypnotherapy is a wonder-filled approach for helping address detrimental thoughts and behavioural patterns.

It’s all about you…

When I engage with my clients I am looking to create an environment that’s a safe space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. In my own space at Dunston House, my room is nestled in an old Victorian building. with soft lighting and equally soft furnishings.

I adhere to the principles and guidelines of my professional bodies where respect, professionalism and confidentiality are cornerstones of how I approach my work.

Some usefull links

I am continually inspired, motivated and taught through the people I meet like Robert Neimeyer and at my local hopice, Ashgate Hospice and through Cruse Bereavement Care.

Cruse Bereavement care is a national charity with many branches throughout the country. They also run a dedicated national helpline that is staffed by trained volunteers.

You can find more information about teh hosipice and Cruse by clinking on the links below.