What I do…

I provide support for people who are experiencing loss and the physical and psychological manifestations of grief. This support can be in person or utilising technology via the internet or phone.

You cannot learn to swim by reading a book about swimming. You cannot understand your bereavement unless you are grieving.

It may be hard to comprehend, but there is healing and hope to be found in the grieving process and the phrase “good grief” may take on new meaning for you.

My approach

I blend my experience as a Samaritan and Bereavement volunteer with my skills as a natural therapist to craft our sessions. There is no “one size fits all” approach to this work, I will tailor our sessions to meet your unique needs.

Using established techniques and contempory research to understand and explore your grief we can work together to meet your needs at a pace that is comfortable and approriate for you.

It has been proven that people who seek out and receive bereavement support reduce the risk of complicating their grief. Complicated grief can remain present for many years if left unadressed and it will continue to have a detrimental effect on our daily lives.

I can also incorporate my experience as an analytical hypnotherapist to help address the symtoms that grief presents. These can range from generalised anxiety, addiction, phobias and insomnia to name but a few.

This may include some exercises like “eyes open” or “eyes closed” hypnotherapy, creative writing or metaphorical drawing.

It’s all about you…

When I engage with my clients, I am looking to create an environment that’s a safe space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. My room at Dunston House nestles in an old Victorian building that provides privacy and comfort to do this work.

I adhere to the principles and guidelines of my professional bodies where respect, professionalism and confidentiality are the founding principles of how I approach my work.

I am continually inspired, motivated and taught through the people I meet like Robert Neimeyer and through Cruse Bereavement Care.