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On this page, you will find many resources that can provide useful insights and perhaps answers to some of the questions you have. I may guide you to this page during our sessions.

The best way to use this information is a little at a time and please do not think all the answers are here at your fingertips.

Cruse Bereavement Care has created some fantastic information that can be found by clicking here.

They have created a specific page for the Coronavirus crisis.

Something Understood, Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye

I listened to this on Radio 4, grown-up radio I know, and I wanted to share it.

Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand explores the ecstasy and agony of saying goodbye. Drawing upon the words of the poet Shel Silverstein, she examines the notion that “there are no happy endings”.

Human beings have developed all manner of rituals to ease the process of parting, from simple handshakes to elaborate funeral liturgies. Shoshana reveals that even the nightly ritual of saying goodnight to your children is laden with significance. She explains the Jewish bedtime ritual of saying the Shema – a prayer which is said to invoke the protection of angels.

Shoshana also explores the linguistics of saying goodbye – from the French “adieu” which commends the receiver to god, to the German “auf wiedersehen” which literally means “until we see again”. Describing her experiences as a hospital chaplain, she discusses the final days and weeks of life, a “deeply scared” time when “this world and the next meet”.

Shoshana concludes by arguing that, however painful parting may be, being aware that time spent together is limited makes it all the more precious. It’s that awareness that impels her to make the most of her farewell rituals – using them as an opportunity to express gratitude for the people and places that enrich her life.

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Questions to ask after a terminal diagnosis

This booklet is designed for people with a terminal illness (an illness that will cause you to die), but it can be used by anyone who has to make a decision about their treatment or care.

More Than Words – Signposting Pack

A comprehensive directory offering advice, support and information covering all aspects of bereavement.

Supporting Children Through Grief

A very insightful guide to help grown-ups understand how children navigate their grief.

Restoring Hope

This leaflet is about what you can do to help yourself, how others can help you, how you can help other people who may be struggling to cope after the death of someone close, and where you can get more advice and support.

Coping with Trauma and Loss

Someone close to you may have died in sudden and/or traumatic circumstances. You may have witnessed the death or the deaths and injury of others. This leaflet explains some common reactions and sources of help.


If you are having trouble sleeping, then this document may be able to give you some inspiration and recognised best practice. Don’t forget a good massage will also help reduce tension and promote a great nights rest.

Human Givens

Download this quick FREE guide to the approach that is revolutionising psychotherapy, mental health provision, education and much more — it explains why the approach was first developed, why it’s needed and how people from different professions are using its insights and the HG framework for mental health and wellbeing to help others.